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Employees are Everything

Posted on February 21, 2018 at 1:50 PM

I know employee appreciation day is not today but we are appreciative everyday for our employees. 

You know, one of the many things that most employers seem to not understand is that their employees are people as well. They have lives outside of work and they have feelings, ideas, commitments, and can literally be a great asset and tool to any organization if given the chance. Sometimes folks are passed along because they don't have a degree or experience and are automatically discounted right away. Sometimes those chances are never taken and therefore an organization passes up on some very useful and great people that can make a change and difference if given a shot. They just need that boost and direction.

Sometimes as professionals, administrators, and/or managers can be so strapped with so many tasks throughout the day to even notice and maybe its done intentionally, maybe not. When I often think back about the times that I would have to lift boxes, work on docks, clean toilets, change trash cans, and do it to the best of my abilities that it would have just been nice to have someone ackowledge that and just say "good job" and just get to know me a little better. Instead I was always passed by and ignored and sometimes the politics had alot to do with that. Making sure everyone always got theirs instead of helping to train, direct, and build someone to a higher calibur regardless of who it was and just taking that time out to say thanks or get to know you. Sometimes employers  fail to manage and support those folks on the bottom because they are constantly always worried about the bottom line and then think why they have such a huge turnover rate. If you tend to put employees first then money will seem to come and you can reinvest back into those employees to make a great and long last organization and community for all.

I remember specifically how my mother came home stating, "I can do a better job than half these people and they won't give me a shot." Sometimes folks don't have the capabilities of even gaining a shot and they just need someone to believe in them even when they don't beleive in themselves. So you start to believe everyone else's opinions, thoughts, and ideas about you stating that you have to stay at the bottom and you won't ever get up. What the problem with this thinking is that it is believeing other people's thoughts of you and not you believing in you. Because if you live to the confines of other people's thoughts and opinions then you will surely miss out on your calling and purpose. 

That is why at Home Insite our employees our everything. They have made this organization to what it is today from the bottom to the top and we thank and praise the Lord everyday for that. We appreciate the willingness, comittment, and the struggles that have been endured in the process. We want to take the phrase my mother always said "I can do a better job than half these people and they won't give me a shot." to "They gave me a shot and now I am a better person because of it."  We will continue to serve the Lord this way through honoring our employees in everyway as possible through training, schooling, and providing direction to generate an overall better community because of investing in those folks that normally would have been passed up just like me.

As the Bible clearly states it in Colossians 3:23 ESV

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men." 

God Bless and Happy Employee Appreciation Day, EVERYDAY!

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