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Kenda’s Vision

Kenda was a person that always believed she would see the best in others no matter what! With a life of hardship, she still found ways to give to others, rather be helping them financially, giving them a place to live, or simply having a listening ear. Even if she got burned by helping, she still did it anyways. She understood the principle of not allowing the forces of evil to continue. Truly an inspiration in some many ways. Because of this vision she was always taken care of in some capacity in some supernatural unexplainable way. Call it God, call it Faith, call it whatever you want but she understood that if she put others first, that in her time of need that she would of been taken care of. Even when her health faded and she only had a few dollars in the bank. She still found ways of helping others by uplifting them, encouraging them for a better tomorrow, all while she was fighting her own battle with depression and anxiety. She always put other people first over herself and she did not rely on any excuses as to why she could or could not do something for someone else. This is how the world would be better by following Kenda’s VISION!

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